It's cause I'm brown.

Verily with hardship, there is ease.

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The school year hasn’t even started yet and I’m already stressed out. 

The class I need to get into is full - EVERY SINGLE SECTION. 


I emailed the department admin or whatever and she told me: if you’re planning to come back next semester, just take it then. 

Like, bitch….

I need to come up with a fool proof story for why I absolutely need to take it this semester Monday night. 

That damn Anaconda song is growing on me.

I am SO on the edge about this Criminal Minds episode.

All about Muslims and Quran and uh….. “fight the infidels”….

Tbh I’d rather they did not do these plot lines at all.

Me: *Gets complimented, starts crying.*<p>

Forget the Big Four Jo.

Shahid Kapoor is such a douche on instagram.

The author of “If I Stay” or some shit was at the Yonge and Eglinton Indigo today.

But, nah.

Eva Ibbotson’s book “Which Witch” was one of my ultimate favourite books as a kid.

Please, everyone read it.

I accidentally got my head stuck to a tree branch today in front of some old dude. 

And I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on some dude’s shoulder on the train. 

Alistair voice: YyyyeeEEeessss????

auroraborealison, omg yes.

I’m missing two courses of my major, so I didn’t graduate.

That’s why I was thinking of staying an extra year and turning my minor into a double major.

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