It's cause I'm brown.

Verily with hardship, there is ease.

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I’m trying out this recipe that I just thought of BUT I NEED APPLE PIE FILLING.

Someone, please, just go get me a can. I don’t even have apples in my house that I can just make it!


Someone reblogged a Baby Doll remix a couple days ago.

But now I can’t find it :(((

So there’s this one family that comes into my store every weekend to do their grocery shopping. And they confuse the fuuuuuuck out of me cause I’m like 110% sure the dad is gay.

I haven’t been on the treadmill in two months. But I’m totally pumped to go on today. 

Lemme tell you about my boob problems:

I bought a sari yesterday and because I didn’t have time to get my blouse stitched, I had to buy one that matched.

BUT NONE OF THEM FIT OMG. The blouse I ended up buying was too large in the arms and too small in the chest area. I literally pushed my boob tissue into the blouse in order to make it fit.


I hate my boobs.

So on our way to taraweeh today we stopped by Popeye’s and picked up some sandwiches and after taraweeh my brother pulled into the parking lot of a random park so we could throw away the evidence.

He’d turned the headlights on cause we couldn’t find the garbage bins and the light passed over this random car parked there when my brother goes,

"Oh, maybe I should turn my lights off."


My eyebrows are so fierce right now, I’m just like,

"How dare you! Tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni khoobsurat lago."

I don’t even know why I take naps.

I’m so horrendous after I wake up.


My next door neighbour is so drunk. And she won’t let go of my mom’s hand.

My mom is sitting here going “tauba tauba”.

My next door neighbour is so drunk. And she won’t let go of my mom’s hand.

So my friend posts this on his facebook today:

"When your coworker tells you that he’s afraid white men are being discriminated against when applying for jobs… and he’s completely serious about it."

All well and good. I liked it.

And then some ass comments:

"It’s 2014…your co-worker’s concerns are not entirely unfounded…."

I replied with a:


But I can’t just leave it at that though. Like I need to back up what I say right? Where are those charts I saw a couple weeks… months… ago about job place inequality??

I wonder why a UN location would targeted? You should try googling "Hamas rockets at UN school" and see what you learn. Hamas is using these locations to hide their missiles. Just like Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields every single day.


Why are you acting like Israel needs a legitimate reason to target civilians?

Are you aware of the 1996 Qana massacre?

Literally the same situation, but in Lebanon. Refugees flooded to the UN compound to take shelter from Israeli bombing. The compound was bombed.

Have you heard of the 2006 Qana massacre?

A three story building hosting 28 people was bombed in the same fashion. All 28 died. 16 of them children. This was in the same place.

So of course, what did Israel say? First, like all IDF responses to war crimes, they denied that they had anything to do with the explosion. Then when it was proven that it was the IAF, they claimed that Hezbollah was using the Lebanese as a human shields and firing rockets.


Human rights watch reported:

"Similarly, none of the dozens of international journalists, rescue workers and international observers who visited Qana on July 30 and 31 reported seeing any evidence of Hezbollah military presence in or around the home. Rescue workers recovered no bodies of apparent Hezbollah fighters from inside or near the building."

In response to the same accusations hurled at Hamas during “cast lead”, Amnesty International reported:

”contrary to repeated allegations by Israeli officials of the use of ‘human shields,’ Amnesty International found no evidence that Hamas or other Palestinian fighters directed the movement of civilians to shield military objectives from attacks. It found no evidence that Hamas or other armed groups forced residents to stay in or around buildings used by fighters, nor that fighters prevented residents from leaving buildings or areas which had been commandeered by militants.”

I find it kind of sad that in 2014 people still take the word of the Army of a country who needs to hire people to spread its propaganda.

I can’t handle the dramas on ZeeTV.

Too much angst. Like how you gonna actually make the guy get married to the wrong girl????


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